We are also told that the sign reaches, above the sidewalks of New York, a height equal to that from the Statue of Liberty. Miss Liberty is 111-1/2 feet from heel to crown, though her torch is lifted 305-1/2 feet above the foundation; and her wattage is about a fifth that from the new spectacular.

Million - Dollar "Spectacular" World's Biggest Advertisement (Aug, 1936)

Million - Dollar "Spectacular" World's Most significant Advertisement

TIMES SQUARE, where the Gay White Way bursts into volcanic illumination, has seen several electric moving indicators - "spectaculars" they contact them-since these had been invented. A quarter-century ago, the Chariot Race (from Ben Hur) blazed down around the square. Its latest record-breaking acquisition is pitched at a slower-moving, good-natured tempo, in accordance using the mood of its "prospects." (By the way, what did that neck-breaking chariot race advertise) It's so gigantic that some have said it lacks continuity-there is enough of it for any dozen signs. Its cheerful colors -blue, green, red and yellow, along with the oddities of colored glow-tubes-portray tropical fish, magnified quite a few hundredfold in their dimensions. If a six-foot man have been enlarged, in the

same proportions, they inform us, he could be taller than the Empire State Building; the Spearman's gum package is bigger than a boxcar. patek philippe watch replica (That gives us the Spearman's dimensions in genuine life-he could be the length of our middle finger). You will discover, roughly, best patek philippe replica thirty thousand lamp receptacles inside the sign; 1084 feet of glow tubing; twenty-one flashing mechanisms, each operating at its own price of speed, and controlling 940 electrical horsepower-the requirement for lighting a city of ten thousand folks. The entire display weighs 110 tons; to ensure that the low creating beneath it had to become specially developed to carry the load. The publicity agent calculates that its yearly consumption of electrical energy would run all the radio sets within the Usa two hours. The electrical handle area, with seven in addition to a half tons of machinery, compares with that of a fair-sized energy plant, patek philippe watches replicas and has a crew of electricians in attendance.

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